12 Home Improvement Tricks To Apply This Summer

12 Home Improvement Tricks To Apply This Summer

The winter is approaching, and you need to be ready for it. You need to get your home ready for the cold season, which is important if you want to make your home energy efficient and comfortable. To make a difference this winter, check out the following home improvement tips.

Go For an Energy Audit

You can hire a certified professional to get your home rated. The energy rater will conduct an “audit” and test your residence for possible energy losses and other safety issues. Based on the detailed report in analyzing the heating effect with air conditioning Sydney, you can make important repairs and make your home more energy-efficient.

The professional will also give you some tips to address the common issues with your home. You can then take the necessary steps to solve the issues.

Seal the Walls

The seals in the walls allow the air in, which causes fluctuations in the temperature inside your house. You can make a plan and use a tube of caulk to address the problem areas. Aside from this, you should seal the areas where you can find electric boxes on the drywall. Make sure all the tiny holes on the backside of the boxes are sealed.

Seal The Can Lights

Air leaks can occur in the ceiling as well, especially the area on the ceiling where the recessed lights are located. Some can light are vented so that they don’t get overheated due to the light bulb.

What you need to do is remove the can and then seal the perimeter of the can with quality caulk. In the same way, the internal area of the can should be sealed with aluminum tape to or caulk.

Fill The Insulation Gaps

To find insulation gaps, you should check the outside faucets and air vents for big gaps. These gaps will allow the air to escape from the room in winter. You can use expanding foam to seal these holes.

Your Heating System

Before the arrival of winter, you can get your furnace tuned up. According to experts, the energy costs of an average house are affected by the heating. If your boiler system or furnace is inefficient, your heating bills may rise. Make sure you buy a quality filter.

You can replace the filter to make the boiler more efficient. While this may seem an unnecessary expenditure, it will pay back down the road.

Check Your Windows

Your windows should be suitable for the climate of your home. For instance, if you live in an area where it’s very cold in winter, you may want to invest in windows that feature double-paned insulated glass.

The Fireplace

It will certainly yield better savings when you get your fireplace ready. Make sure that the dumper is tightly sealed when not using it. A small space sends the warm air out and would let the cold air rush in.

If you are using an electric heating system, an opening in the fireplace will mean a lot more work to maintain a warm, energy-efficient home.

You can turn down your heater when you decide to use the fireplace. This will save you as much as 8% on heating costs.

The Furnace

If the filter is full of dirt, the furnace will work extra effort. This will equate to home energy waste since the furnace will consume more power against the service it brings. You need to ensure that the filter is properly cleaned as this would avoid the issue.

The owner’s manual will tell you how to clean the filter. A clean filter will let you breath clean air around your house. A clean filter saves you 5% on heating costs.

The Duct

Small leaks in the duct of the ducted air conditioning Sydney will certainly result in lost heat so make sure that this is regularly checked. Insulate the ducts by wrapping it with R-6 or higher fiberglass. Never use cloth-backed tapes.

With UL-approved metallic or plastic tapes and mastic sealants, you can also wrap them. Note that leaking ducts make your heating system work 30% more so make sure they are sealed and secured.

Solar Heat

You don’t need to have solar panels on your roof to use the sun as a source of heat. All you have to do is use open your drapes during the day to warn your room without using electricity.

Just close them at night to keep the warm air inside. Reduction of the use of the heating systems during the day will let you cut as much as 10% on your home energy consumption. Now that’s being efficient!


Openings around your doors, windows, and joints will let cold air outside come in and the warm air from your home goes out. With either sealant or weather-stripping, make sure that these openings are sealed.

The Thermostat

A programmable thermostat or a centralized heating system will let you save on heating costs. The programmable thermostat will let you set your desired at a specific period of the day.

This is very useful if you are leaving your home or are going to sleep overnight. The centralized heating system, on the other hand, will give you the ultimate control of the temperature of every room.

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