Easy Ways to Maintain a Healthy Lawn

Easy Ways to Maintain a Healthy Lawn

Getting a lawn and maintaining it are two different scenarios. The maintenance operations require more effort than when getting started. However, it is nothing out of the ordinary and doesn’t have to rely on chemicals solely.

The maintenance has to start right from the preparation of the garden to the tools used. Do not expect different results while your input is minimal. Lawns make your compound neat and beautiful, but there is a whole hassle behind it.

Keep reading for easy ways to maintain a healthy lawn.


Every other lawn will reach a point where it has to be trimmed. The mowing procedure you go for will depend on your desires as well as the nature of the grass. If you have to deal with the case of water shortage, high-mowing should be your thing.

Grass that is cut high develops the adaptation of elongated roots in search of water and nutrients. You can, however, decide to go the other way and cut it low if you have enough water to sustain it.

The mowing activities do not just happen out of the blue. It involves a series of procedures and specialized machinery. One standard machine is the riding lawnmower, which can be adjusted to fit your desires. The device is easy to operate and is a must-have tool for every home.


Different grass types have different watering patterns. The most convectional one requires you to water a few times but deeply. Leaving your sprinkling on for a short time will not benefit your lawn in any way.

It will make more sense when your watering pattern is less often yet deep. This pattern will allow the roots to grow deeper into the soil. With this, it can withstand periods of water scarcity. The water must be at least 3-4 inches deep. In case your soil is struggling with the issue of retention, water crystals, which are usually water-absorbing polymers, are all you need.


Activities such as mowing and foot traffic are likely to cause the compacting of the soil. This compacted soil is not what your lawn needs to be healthy, for there is no air circulation to allow the breakdown of organic matter into usable nutrients.

Microorganisms and large organisms such as earthworms cannot survive in compacted soils. It is thus upon you to aerate the lawn. One of the ways to do it is by punching small holes in the lawn. These holes break the compact nature, allowing the free movement of air.

In the long run, the circulating air will allow the existence of organisms that break down matter in the soil. Aeration is, thus, a crucial part of a healthy lawn.

Go for a Reliable Fertilizer Brand

Almost all fertilizers have nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. If anything, the bags indicate the mixing ratios of the three, which makes it easy for you to go for what your lawn needs. Of all other nutrients, nitrogen is the most important.

Always be sure that the fertilizer you apply has more nitrogen and less phosphorus and potassium. After all, you are interested in the greening and leafing of your lawn.

On the flip side, natural fertilizers will be more convenient than synthetic ones. Apart from the high nutrient content, they are also friendly to the environment.

Eliminate Thatch

In a typical field, thatch will always collect somewhere around the base. In as much as thatch may be beneficial when it comes to combating evaporation, it reaches a point where the material bars water from reaching the grass.

In such cases, the only available option is to remove them. A rake is all you need to clean up this mess and leave your grass undisturbed. At the same time, there may be leaves from neighboring trees. Collecting these leaves takes a lot of time when done manually.

The time that removing the leaves consume calls for you to purchase a leaf blower. This specialized tool blows away the leaves leaving behind a neat lawn.

Re-establish the Spots

In any farming activity, it will be hard for everything to go according to plan. This same situation will apply to your lawn. The spots you spot in your lawn are down to nature, and the best you can do is planting afresh.

After all, beyond pouring seeds and watering, there isn’t much more effort involved. Unless you do this, it may take ages before the rest of the grass spreads to cover the spaces. Lawns are mainly meant for beauty, so concealing the bare spots is vital.


Similar to other operations in the lawn, weeding is a continuous process that ensures your lawn is healthy. Not much of this weeding is done since most grass varieties grow in a crowded manner, which gives no room for the establishment of weeds.

The concentration of weeds in your lawn means that something is wrong in your soil. Either there is too much water, or the nutrients are insufficient. Whichever the case, these weeds have to be removed.

Before you rush for chemicals, first take your time and uproot them. If they persist after that, you are at liberty to unleash your chemicals. The substances should, however, be kept to a minimum for the sake of pets and children.

Creating an Alternative Path

The biggest threat to the healthy wellbeing of any lawn is foot traffic. Any grass that is trampled on regularly will hardly develop to meet your expectations.

In such scenarios, the best you can do is creating a temporary fence around the lawn. With this, people will avoid the area, giving it the much-needed space. This space, combined with moisture and air, are critical ingredients for a healthy lawn.

Having a lawn in your backyard is as simple as you want to make it. You must, however, be dedicated to seeing everything through. After all, the famous golf courses, for example, did not just happen. It all began at the seedling level and went from there. All that matters is giving it the maximum care possible.

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