How To Reduce Packaging Cost?

How To Reduce Packaging Cost?

Most of the businesses are gearing up for the peak shopping season. This is when shoppers will be e-shopping to their heart’s content and choosing it to be delivered to their homes.  Some packaging solutions generally add a small amount as holiday surcharges. However, this does not mean that the packaging charges should also be raised and drain out your wallet. In this blog, we guide you through how you can reduce higher parcel cost during export packaging as it makes its way up the supply chain.

  • Get Smart When It Comes To You Choosing The Size Of The Box:

Packaging solutions in Sydney generally recommend choosing the right size of the box that matches the size of the contents within. During export packaging, if a large box is used for a small item and it doesn’t match the specifications, then there are chances of the product within getting damaged during shipping and transit of goods. Before export packaging, you could try asking the employees or the persons packing it to take some pics of the packaging on their smartphones.  You should also ensure that the boxes are sealed well.  The supervisors can then ensure that the product and box alignment matches.

  • Note The Inefficient Packaging Configurations:

Good packaging solutions in Sydney look out for inefficient packaging configurations which would include excessive stuffing, plastic bags and papers stuffed into the box. It could also include wide empty spaces, additional cardboard boxes of material, all of which adds to the weight of the overall packaging and increase shipping costs.

  • Choose Durable And Reusable Packaging:

As per the statistics of packaging solutions one-third of the e-commerce orders take time to be delivered or sent back to the source.  All of this takes a lot of time. It is important that when export packaging, one must make sure that the products are packaged in durable and reusable packaging that avoid any sort of damage to the product within.  It is important that durable packaging will protect the product during multiple journeys. In this way, goods can be easily made to transit from place to place.

  • Constantly Update The Dimensional Information:

During export packaging, it is important that professionals be kept to check out the dimensional information of contents going in and out of outgoing trucks.  This would give you an idea of the possible areas where you can cut down on unwanted packaging.

  • Test Out Prototypes:

Check out and measure the various aspects of the packaging whether it is the materials or the configuration and work with them regularly in export packaging. This will give you an idea of the durability, feasibility, reliability and whether it can ensure damage free delivery.

  • Classification Of Freights:

While providing packaging solutions in Sydney, it is important to periodically check and make sure that every product, good goods or article is classified correctly. The proper classification has significantly reduced the cost of transport to different places. The classification can be done based on the types of goods or it can even be done based on the mode of transport that is used to deliver the goods.

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