The Garden Assets That Improve Property Value

The Garden Assets That Improve Property Value

The UK’s housing market is experiencing incredible buoyancy right now and, to many buyers’ surprise, this buoyancy continues to persist with average property prices creeping upward. As a result, a number of homeowners are seeking to sell their properties, hoping to capitalise on the opportunity. This is leading to a significant increase in home and garden renovations. Residents are refreshing, repainting, and revitalising every aspect of their property to ensure their asking prices are met. 

Gardens, while currently very popular, continue to hinder sales as much as their support them. This is because they require a certain amount of upkeep and maintenance. The larger the garden, the more work that is required, leading to potential buyers being put off by the time and cost necessary to ensure their outdoor space remains tame. 

Aside from tending to your garden and ensuring that it is presented in an appealing way, there are a number of garden assets that can increase the likelihood potential buyers will fall in love with your property. We’ve collected the most popular ones here.


Whether an artists studio, relaxing log cabin, or a private home office, garden outbuildings are incredibly popular for their potential and benefit to a property’s square footage. Historically, they have been symbols of luxury, being expensive and requiring substantial installation, but as they have developed, their costs have lowered, enabling more homes to enjoy the benefit of extra indoor space outdoors.

Elegant Furniture

Garden furniture, just like your home’s furniture, should exemplify quality, showcasing not only great taste but also potential. If a garden, for instance, has a well-established dining area with decadent rattan garden furniture, then a potential buyer will get the impression that the garden is often used and will be the perfect place for many evening meals. Garden furniture should also be high-quality to ensure that it holds up against various weather conditions and doesn’t easily fall into disrepair.

Smart Garden

You may be well aware of smart home features but were you also aware that many of these features and devices can also appear in gardens too? One of the most popular gadgets for homeowners is the robot mower that, much like a Roomba, automatically tends to mow grass throughout the day, alleviating the chore of mowing and ensuring that a garden always looks neat. Smart sprinklers, with timers set via smartphone, and weather-sensitive plant containers are also great devices that will make your garden easier to manage and more appealing to buyers.

Pizza Ovens

Cookbooks continue to top the bestsellers charts and our television schedules are full of new cookery shows. As a nation, we love food and now our gardens are beginning to reflect this passion. While some are converting their shed spaces into curing closets and pantries, others are using locally sourced clay to create their own oven, one that is perfect for baking pizzas and bread. Since the main cost of these assets is in the construction, once they’re complete, they can be enjoyed without worry!

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