Tips to Clean Your House Before Moving In

Tips to Clean Your House Before Moving In

For some people, moving is an exciting experience that affords new friends and new possibilities. For others, it can be terrifying and overwhelming to have to live in a new area and get to know new people. One thing that almost everybody gets excited about is living in a new house.

Whether you have had a new home built or you are buying it from previous owners there are many devices like a backpack HEPA vacuum cleaner and certain tips that you should follow to ensure that your new abode is pleasant and odor-free.


The place to start your home cleaning is the kitchen. A thorough clean of the kitchen can help you avoid any harmful bacteria that may have accumulated. It also helps rid the area of unfamiliar smells that may have been left behind, even if the previous owners agreed to clean the house before they left. You can remove the dirt and dust with the help of commercial backpack HEPA vacuum.

Gather your preferred heavy duty home cleaning materials such as ammonia, baking soda, vinegar, and a good sanitizing spray. To make a paste or mix it with the vinegar, which is even more effective for removing tough stains and eliminating odors, you can either mix the baking soda with water.

Clean up the appliances

All of the appliances such as the cooker, oven, and refrigerator should be cleaned. To tell if the stove and oven are clean or not, it should be easy enough. If they aren’t, try using the oven’s self-cleaning setting if any or spray an oven cleaner onto the interior walls. If you use oven cleaner, it is important to open windows and doors so that the area is properly ventilated.

It is a good idea to clean the refrigerator and freezer even if they look like they have been cleaned. Remove all of the shelves and draws from the fridge and clean and disinfect them thoroughly. Allow them to dry before returning them to their proper places. Wipe down the inside of the refrigerator with a soft cloth so you don’t scratch it.

Cleaning the walls

The next step in home cleaning is to take care of the walls. Clean kitchen walls and the ceiling above the stove if you notice that they have been discolored by oil stains. Then, progress to the walls of the rest of the house. Check for fingerprints and sticky spots especially.


You ought to consider hiring a cleaning agency that supplies regular or one-off home cleaning experts, if the moving process is enough of a stress on top of going to work each day and unpacking.

For a highly affordable cost, these home cleaners can spruce your new home from top to bottom; eliminating any traces of its previous occupants and making the property feel like it truly belongs to your family. The dirt gathered can be cleaned with the help of best backpack HEPA vacuum to have a dust free home.

Remove clutters

If you don’t have a lot of time to do a full home cleaning, start wherever the guests will walk in as first impressions are always the important ones. Move clutter to a less noticeable place and hang coats in the closet. Put things where they go, if you have time. You may have to settle for piling them in an inconspicuous drawer or closet, if you don’t have time. Tidy up the kitchen, is the next of these home cleaning tips is.

If there are dirty pans or dishes in the sink, you may have time to put them in the dishwasher. It is important that your kitchen is presentable and will be comfortable for the arriving guest, because the kitchen is generally in a central location where people gather.

At least put everything in a pile that looks somewhat organized, rather than leaving things spread everywhere, if you don’t think you will have time for anything else. Clean the room with the help of backpack vacuum cleaner.

Keep anti-bacterial cleaners

If you have a little more time, you can progress to straightening up other areas of the house. Of course, you should begin with rooms that are the most likely to be seen. It is time to start the actual cleaning, once you have removed clutter from the rooms.

In an accessible location, some helpful tips for quick home cleaning are to have a spray bottle of anti-bacterial cleaner. By using your spray bottle and a few clean cloths, you can quickly dust areas that are particularly obvious, remove spots of countertops and hard floors, and spruce up areas that seem stale or dirty.

Turn on the lights

If the weather permits, turn on lights and open windows and doors.

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