Where best to put the Hans Wegner Wing Chair in your homes

Where best to put the Hans Wegner Wing Chair in your homes

The Hans Wegner Wing Chair features an iconic design that can become the focal point of any space. Its relaxed form is most commonly used in residential interior designs, but many homeowners don’t have quite the eye for where best to place it. So, if you’re searching for some inspiration and looking for some great ideas, here are 5 spaces that could be uplifted with this wing chair:

  1. The living room


Of course, the most conventional place to display the Hans Wegner Wing Chair would be in the living room. It’s mostly used in the capacity of an accent piece, so aside from providing extra sitting room, it also makes for a nice focal point. You’ll have to choose the chair’s upholstery to contrast with the couch and other surrounding furniture. You can use one or maybe even two of these, depending on the size of the lounge.

  1. Entrance foyer


If you’re lucky enough to have a large entrance foyer in your homes, you’ll understand that it can also be used in the capacity of a parlor. You can place a single Hans Wegner Wing Chair to the side – preferably in a corner – so that your guest can sit comfortably while waiting for you. It’s not an ideal solution, but it does make an interesting statement in an otherwise conventional and often overlooked space.

  1. Statement alcove


Several homes have statement alcoves that add infinite gravitas and effortless sophistication to the interior design theme. You can use one of these to feature your Hans Wegner Wing Chair. It doesn’t have to be used as a freestanding furniture piece – you can definitely add an accent piece such as an end table, a tall vase, a floor lamp, etc. The stylish design of the chair would definitely make your nook truly statement-worthy.

  1. Beside picture windows


Picture windows, French doors, and other glass partitions that connect the indoor and outdoor spaces make an excellent place to feature your Hans Wegner Wing Chair. You can place your chair beside the glass so that when you lounge or recline on it, you’ll have an excellent view before you. It would also make a great place for you to soak up some sun or watch rainfall. You could even curl up with a throw and a hot mug of coffee and simple take a nap on the chair.

  1. Beside the sideboard


Sideboards and buffets are mostly used as oversized accent pieces. However, they also need some visual demarcation, which is why you can put your Hans Wegner Wing Chair beside one in an accent capacity. Note that this only works for homes that are large in size and require additional furniture pieces to stave off the stark, almost minimalist vibe.

This is how the Hans Wegner Wing Chair can be used all over your homes. We hope these ideas help you manage your spaces with this chair in a better and more visually decent manner.

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